Our Bio plates are made from 100% natural arecanut tree leaves. No trees are cut down, The discarded leaves from the trees are collected and dried it fully with direct sunlight. These leaves are initially soaked with pure water stream and smoothly rub the leaf surface with a brush. After rubbing, the leaves are again washed with hygiene water and allow to dry for about thirty minitues.The plates are manufactured strictly without any additional chemicals/additives. After drying ,the leaves are put in to the automatic hydraulic machinery.The leaves are getting their specific shapes by hydraulic mechanical press with heated metal moulds .The double heater of the mould gives heat to the upper and bottom surface of the leaf at the same time. Thus the plates get various shapes and sizes. Each mould contain 1500 watts double heater which provide heavy heat to treat our Bio plates,so that even the micro organisms were killed during the manufacturing process. Finally the manufactured Bio plates are packed with shrinkage packing and seal in a corrugated boxes(cartons).

Product Details
Name of Product Arecanut palm leaf
Made of Arecanut palm tree leaf (sheath)
Nature of Product Purely Natural & Eco-friendly,Chemical free
Botanical Name Areca catechu Linn
Method Getting shape by hydraulic mechanical press with heated metal mould


  • Natural & Eco-friendly
  • 100% Bio degradable & Compostable.
  • Chemical free and Non-toxic
  • Hygienic
  • Handy & Leak proof
  • Strong & Light weight
  • Micro wave-oven and Refrigerator safe
  • Can hold Liquids for 3-4 hours.
  • Can be easily Moulded in to different shapes and sizes.
Product specifications & Features
Shapes Round,Oval,Square,Rectangle,Heart..Etc..(Can be customize.)
Thickness 2-4mm
Depth 25-35mm
Size 100mm-300mm